The area of IASION's expertise includes strategy, service excellence, customer experience, branding and (digital) marketing aiming at higher revenue streams for our Clients. The Team is individually composed according to the specific Project









Mobility (Aviation, Maritime, Transport, Logistics) 
In today’s world, mobility is a key competitive advantage. IASION assists you in defining or reassessing your Aviation, Maritime or Logistics Strategy. We focus on stakeholders’ management, processes, intelligent technological solutions, productivity and revenue increase. Achieving Service Excellence In your Business is our main target and prime expertise. 
Infrastructure (privatization & concessions, Airports, Ports, Marinas) 
Over the years, public concessions of Airports, Ports, Marinas and other critical facilities have proved to be a powerful tool for improving competitiveness, connectivity, market development and stakeholders’ value. IASION and its partners is proud of the accumulated experience for more than two decades in handling successfully major concessions. Starting from the first contact with the competent authorities, submitting a successful bid up to a successful start-up management IASION is your prime Partner! 
Leisure & Tourism 
Leisure and Tourism are continuously growing and becoming a truly international industry. IASION offers the full range of services: Starting from a fresh, innovative and compelling idea, getting further into a successful start-up phase and intelligent marketing, to strive then for revenue maximization and first class branding of your business. IASION and its partners are the right option for sustainable growth for your company, municipality, city or region! 
Service Excellence and Client Delight
Service Excellence and Client Delight are a key success factor in today’s competitive world. IASION assists you in identifying areas of improvement, set strategic goals for improving your service, client experience, strengthen your brand, and transforming your company into a leader of Client Delight.
Safety & Security 
In today’s world, Safety & Security are focal for all business leaders and regulators.  For more than two decades in this business, IASION provides pertinent risk assessments, mitigation plans and procedures, proposes intelligent technological solutions and assists you in establishing a Safety & Security culture within your organisation!